Teaching Philosophy

About MTCA

MTCA is a team of actively-working theatre professionals who are also passionate and experienced guides for all aspects of college and graduate school theatre audition processes.

We believe in training the unique individual, empowering them to bring their true, authentic self to their work. We believe that by helping students reveal their potential it allows each school to connect with those that are truly right for their programs, which in turn guides each student toward their best collegiate fit. We provide the tools, resources, and expertise along with a vast and strong support system. We match you with a personalized team of diverse teaching artists who will assist you in finding unique material that speaks to you, and that you connect to from the inside out (not the outside in!). Your coaching team will mentor you through your audition process and help you reach your goals. But at the end of the day, the work belongs to you.

We treat college audition preparation as a process which includes:

  • Helping students and their parents find the schools best suited to complement their individual goals, experiences, and personalities
  • Identifying material that fits each student’s: personality, sensibilities, unique ways of thinking, and skill level
  • Continually reinforcing healthy and strong singing and dance technique (for musical theatre students) and healthy speaking technique (for all performers)
  • Developing our students’ artistry in all areas of their auditions

We will create a recommended coaching plan for you based on your individual needs and goals.

MTCA Process

Coaching is available in person or via Skype, with coaches in New York City, San Diego, and Los Angeles. Our coaches are occasionally available in other cities as well.

Our students work one-on-one with specific coaches to prepare songs and/or monologues and to refine their dance technique and dance auditioning skills.

They then have several opportunities to show their audition material to other members of our coaching team, both in individual coaching sessions and in mock college audition workshops.

This collaborative coaching allows our students to refine their audition pieces and broaden their skill set through the feedback and input of an array of top-level coaches from a variety of backgrounds.

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