College Advising

MTCA provides our students supplemental services that are integral in the college prep process. We strive to GUIDE you in your organizational preparation, and structure a strategy that is tailored to you through our College Advising, and Essay Prep services.

College Advising
MTCA offers a variety of College Advising Packages with our College Advisor, Amy Breslow, for all of your application planning needs! We offer this as a convenience and a luxury, to save you the time, energy, and frustration during this stressful process!

If you are planning to work with Amy, we strongly recommend that you start now so she is best able to aid you in things like: School List prep, Class Requirements for Schools, ACT/SATs test-taking planning. This will help avoid some of the more common pitfalls that cause trouble for students Senior Years!

Our “Basic” College Advising Package

This includes two (1 hour) live coaching sessions and the set up/use of a college planning account (4 hours of set up time for Amy, see attached flyer for details/pictures).

UNLIMITED Package (Rising Seniors ONLY)

Includes both of the above packages and offers you UNLIMITED access to Amy for any College Advising needs, as well as Application help, Creating Spreadsheet for Prescreen and Audition Requirements, Financial Aid Negotiations, and much more!

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Essay Prep
If you’re auditioning for college theatre programs, you know you’re doing a lot on top of the normal application process. You’re preparing songs and monologues, working on your dance skills, and recording prescreens — but one thing no one tells you is just how many essays you’ll be writing.

In addition to your Common App essay, you’ll be answering what can feel like a hundred variations on “why musical theatre?” and “why our school?” Whether you’ve painstakingly completed your first draft or staring at a blank screen, our essay coach, Lee Aaron Rosen, can help.

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