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Our Coaching Team

Coaching with MTCA is a personalized process to help you discover material that speaks to your authentic self from the inside out, not from the outside in. Drawing from an extensive database and knowledge of audition material, our coaches collaborate with you throughout the process.

Our Coaching Services aren’t just for high school students. If you’re taking a gap year, transferring schools, or applying to graduate-level programs, our coaches can help. 

At MTCA, we have you covered. Beyond our artistic preparation, we will help you with the organizational, strategic, and psychological aspects of the process that can make it so daunting. Our holistic approach helps you to unlock your most authentic version of you — and allows you to enjoy the journey!

Coaching Services – Graduate School

Alongside our robust undergraduate division, MTCA also helps students with their auditions for graduate programs in Acting and Musical Theater. All MTCA Coaching is available a la carte to fit your goals and budget. We are headquartered in New York City with in-person coaching available in NY, NJ, CA, UT, GA, MD, PA, and NC. MTCA offers virtual coaching and events to students across the country and around the world. Our services include:

  • Audition Monologue and Song Selection: Our collaborative selection process allows you to choose and develop material that showcases your true authentic self from your skillset to your personality quirks and expresses who you are and what you love. For graduate aged students, we offer both our normal undergraduate selection process (where the coach presents all material to the student), as well as a more tailored, self-directed process designed for the student who would like to bring in their own material and receive expert feedback.
  • Audition Monologue and Song Preparation: Through one-on-one coaching, group classes, mock auditions, and faculty masterclasses, our team will prepare you to approach your audition year with artistry, from prescreens through the live auditions.
  • Audition Dance Preparation: For those looking at Musical Theater graduate programs, group classes and individual sessions will help you understand how to approach a college dance audition. We’ll help you learn how to navigate the process if you’re not a trained dancer and how to maximize your impact if you are.
  • Vocal Technique Lessons: For those looking at Musical Theater graduate programs, our expert private voice teachers can help you work to improve as a singer to meet the competitive expectations of musical theater singing. These can be used as a supplement to current private voice instruction, or as a foundation to beginning healthy singing.

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