Webinar Topics Class of 2024

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Monthly webinars provide you and your family with everything you need to know about the college audition process. Live and available worldwide, our Directors and College Advisors provide answers and solutions to all of your questions and needs. Webinars cover topics such as prescreen prep, vocal health, planning college visits, scholarship negotiation, and many more.

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Webinar Topics Class of 2024

Buy Them All, Thursday, May 9, 2024/"What's Next?"/9pm ET, PAST – Friday, April 5, 2024/"Waiting on a Waitlist Q&A"/9pm ET, PAST – Thursday, April 4, 2024/"Making Your Final Decisions"/9pm ET, PAST – Thursday, March 7, 2024/"Scholarship Negotiation and Campus Visits"/9pm ET, PAST – Tuesday, February 13, 2024/"Recapping Chicago/LA Unifieds"/8pm ET, PAST – Thursday January 11th, 2024/"Preparing for Unifieds and Walk-in Auditions"/9pm ET, PAST – Thursday, December 7, 2023/"Preparing for the Busy Audition Season"/9pm ET, PAST – Thursday, November 16, 2023/"Managing Your Health and Wellness"/9pm ET, PAST Thursday, November 10, 2022/“Summer 2023: Pre-College Programs!”/9pm ET, PAST Thursday, December 15, 2022/“Mapping Out Your Year"/9pm ET, PAST Thursday, January 5, 2023/“What Should I Be Doing Now?"/9pm ET, PAST Thursday, February 2, 2023/"Artistic Requirements for Auditions"/9pm ET, PAST Thursday, February 23, 2023/“College Application Organization”/9pm ET, PAST Thursday, March 16, 2023/“School List Deep Dive”/9pm ET, PAST Thursday, March 30, 2023/"How To Get A Good SAT/ACT Score"/9pm ET, PAST Thursday, April 13, 2023/“Using your Summer Productively!”/9pm ET, PAST Thursday, April 27, 2023/“The College Essay Deep Dive”/9pm ET, PAST – Thursday, May 18, 2023/"Performing Throughout the Year"/9pm ET, PAST – Thursday, June 8, 2023/“Parent vs Student Responsibilities”/9pm ET, PAST Thursday, July 6, 2023/“Prescreen Mania-Artistic and Logistical Advice”/9pm ET, PAST Thursday, July 27, 2023/“Common App Specifics”/9pm ET, PAST – Thursday, August 10, 2023/“Kickoff to Senior Year!”/9pm ET, PAST – Thursday, August 17, 2023/"Technical Assistance with Prescreens"/9pm ET, PAST – Thursday, September 7, 2023/"Dissecting Deadlines"/9pm ET, PAST – Thursday, September 14th, 2023/"Maximizing Your Scholarship Opportunities"/9pm ET, PAST – Thursday, October 5, 2023/“Importance of Early Auditions”/9pm ET, PAST – Thursday, October 19, 2023/"How do you Maintain a Healthy Voice?"/9pm ET, PAST – Thursday, November 2, 2023/“How do I have a Good Audition?”/9pm ET

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