West Coast Events

West Coast Weekend

September is such an important month in the college prep process, and we want to assist our West Coast families IN PERSON the same way we do for all of our Northeast families here in NYC. In-Person work is so important in your continued competitive growth. Especially since many students will want to do auditions IN PERSON. Utilize this week with us!

In September, we are offering Headshots, Prescreen Filming, a College Prep Dance Class, and a College Prep Acting/Singing Class all LIVE in Los Angeles, California!


Our West Coast Photographer will be doing 45-minute discounted Headshot Shoots for MTCA families! Each individually scheduled session includes 2 outfits shot in natural and studio light, Hi-Res images will be supplied via online gallery within 7 days (expedited 2-day turnaround is available for an additional cost), retouching of 1 image of the student’s choice (additional retouching available by request).

Prescreen Filming

Our West Coast Prescreen Videographer will be doing discounted 1.5-hour prescreen filming sessions. Each individually scheduled session will provide enough time to film all of your song and monologue requirements, including your wildcard and personal statements. Sessions do not include filming dance combinations. (as there is not proper space to dance in the studio).

College Prep Classes

In September we will be holding an in-person College Prep Dance Class and College Prep Singing/Acting Class. Working in-person will increase the physical presence needed for competitive growth.

West Coast Mock Audition

In the winter, MTCA will be back in Los Angeles for our annual West Coast Mock Audition! This gives our West Coast students the opportunity to run their audition material and participate in a dance call for a panel of MTCA Coaches where they will receive valuable feedback. There will also be a Q&A with alumni students and parents who will answer questions and discuss their college audition experience.

LA Unifieds

Every year MTCA heads out to LA to support our students at LA Unifieds, along with our presence in NYC, Chicago, and Pittsburgh! In all of the Unifieds locations, MTCA families have access to a kickoff meeting, daily warm-ups, and an exclusive greenroom.

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College Prep Song Class


Saturday, September 14, 2024 1:30pm – 3:30pm PT

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College Prep Dance Class


Saturday, September 14, 2024 – 4:30pm – 6:30pm PT

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Headshot and Prescreen Days


Saturday, September 14, 2024 & Sunday, September 15, 2024

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Mock Audition


Sunday, November 17th, 2024

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