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Ruth Behlman

Parent of Mackenzie Behlman
Cal Arts Acting '28

“There is no question in my mind that any high school student wanting to pursue a theatre or musical theatre degree in college should run to sign up with MTCA, the earlier the better! We began Junior year and our daughter’s team led by Leo was beyond amazing to work with together they hand held us through every step of the process…and it is a long one so be prepared. Their knowledge in all aspects of the college application process is invaluable. We could NOT have done it without MTCA and definitely would not have gotten all the positive results we received. This is a super competitive process and you need to make sure you are prepared in every way and we were because of MTCA! I am thrilled to say my daughter will be attending Cal Arts in the BFA theatre program this Fall.”

Julia Davis

Parent of Braeden Davis
Michigan MT '28

“My son used MTCA to prepare for college auditions, and we are so grateful for this company. We really appreciate the a la carte style of booking webinars and coachings; it helped us stay within our budget! He got great advice for song and monologue repertoire, and our absolute favorite thing we did was the prescreen dance package. The dance coach, Caitlin Belcik, worked with my son to assess his strengths during an in-person coaching session when we visited NYC. Then, he provided her with 3 choices of songs for his prescreen dance, and she created a prescreen dance that showed off his skills and personality. He had so much FUN with that, which is such an important part of this arduous college audition experience! He had many successful auditions and will start as a musical theatre major at the University of Michigan in the fall, and we are grateful for MTCA’s role in his success.”

Maria Marchione-Novoa

Parent of Julian Novoa
Baldwin Wallace MT '28

“All along this journey, the brightest light – a beacon of support, knowledge, experience, and warmth – has always been MTCA!

Our first consultation with MTCA took place in the first marking period of Julian’s Junior year in high school. It might have been a tad early, but I wanted to have the chance to shop around for other coaches, should “this one” not work. To tell you the truth, what attracted me first to MTCA was the fact that you can purchase their coaching services à la carte, no need to commit to a big package with a huge sticker price and requiring a weekly time schedule that I knew my busy son would not be able to stick with. I also have to confess that I was a bit suspicious of the entire industry built around the BFA college audition process (asking myself “is it really needed?” – The answer is YES!) and was terrified about the budget that my middle class family would have to devote to the process.

However, when I stepped into our first meeting with Leo Ash Evens, one of the two directors of MTCA, all my concerns were dispelled and I immediately knew that Julian would be in great hands throughout this daunting process. Leo was reassuring and laid out a well conceived plan, and he didn’t shy away from establishing clearly that Julian’s success would be linked to the training he would devote to the college audition process. I loved that honestly! I realized immediately that we had found the best option out there to guide my eager teen to achieve the big dream of getting into an audition-based performing arts college!

I slowly started marveling at all the other brilliant moving parts that make up MTCA when Julian started training with stellar coaches that were as smart as they were kind, understanding, and supportive! Suffice it to say that – when our family will go through this process for my daughter in two years – I would love to request the same coaches that helped Julian because they are phenomenal! Julian’s coaches helped him select materials that were fresh, interesting, moving, and that he could make entirely his own. Julian’s dance coach was instrumental in training him as much as our budget allowed and took my son from being “a mover” to having amazing success with auditions even at notoriously dance-heavy programs. Julian embraced the underlying MTCA philosophy of “run towards your weakest quality”. I am 100% certain that this confidence came from the year and a half spent with this fabulous team.

Many parents describe audition season as hell on earth. I must say that, thanks to MTCA, that part was the most enjoyable part of the equation, both for my son and for me! Listen with no fear, fellow parents: training with MTCA will give your child the luxury of choice at the end of this process! I’ve seen it in Julian, I’ve seen it in the score of families and young performers that we have met along the way. They all had options in the end!”

Sarah Hart

Parent of Emma Hart
UNCSA Acting '27

“We worked with MTCA for my daughters audition experience and my only regret is not finding them sooner! These people are amazing and are the most positive and talented individuals you will meet. I felt that they were equally as vested in my daughters success as I was. She worked with an incredible team and she learned so much from her coaches. We thought we knew which schools she should apply to and were ignorant about the vast options there are out there for BFA students. Thanks to MTCA, my daughter felt prepared and ready for what would have been an immensely stressful audition experience without MTCA having her back. I cannot impress upon any parents (or students) out there going through this experience how helpful MTCA will be for you. They not only have coaches for voice, acting and dance, they also have advisors that will help with the actual college applications, they hold mock audition weekends, mock interviews….they fully prepare you and are there for you through the entire experience. I would HIGHLY recommend setting up an initial call with them to meet the team, ask questions and let them tell you how they can help you and then you can decide what would be helpful for you. You will find that when the entire process is over, you will miss these wonderful people!
My daughter ended up with several opportunities thanks to the team at MTCA and we will forever be grateful for them. Don’t hesitate- this process is immense, reach out to MTCA and talk with them about how they can help you.”

Ava Lane

Texas State '27

“MTCA doesn’t just help you through college auditions; they stretched me as an overall artist, and they were completely invested in the emotional journey. MTCA may take on a lot of students, but I felt as though Leo, Charlie, and the rest of the faculty I worked with truly saw me as an individual and remembered even the smallest of details about my humanity and process. My coaches are not just that; they are so much more, and I will keep in touch with them beyond this. I felt incredibly safe to take risks and share vulnerable pieces of myself, because as an actor, you have to be open. MTCA is a forever family, thank you isn’t enough.”

Raquel Do Carmo

Mother of Larissa Mehlig
Pace Acting '27

“We began working with MTCA at the beginning of May 2022 and that changed the course of things. She was matched with 4 amazing coaches, who she worked with virtually, and they spent the time getting to know her as a person and as an artist, which led to monologue and song choices she was much more connected with and a personalized dance routine that was absolutely perfect for her. She also did the MTCA weeklong Masterclass series in NYC at the beginning of August 2022, during which she worked with professors from top universities and it was an invaluable opportunity. Lara did a mock audition with MTCA as well in San Diego and it was super helpful. She attended the NY Unifieds on her own for four auditions and did three in person at Pace in NYC, as well as one on-campus audition in the LA area and a few auditions during LA Unifieds. Her BFA Acting audition at Pace was her absolute favorite of all and she was ecstatic when she got the acceptance from them in March! It just felt right! Differently from the first year, she ended up passing 11 out of 14 prescreens and did a total of 19 auditions. I am sharing her stats as a means of comparison and to prove what another year of appropriate preparation (THANK YOU, MTCA!!!) can do for someone:

*2021-22 Audition cycle*
Applied to 9 programs
Passed 2 out of 9 prescreens
Total number of scheduled auditions: 2
Final results: Not accepted at either, but accepted at the 2 programs she was not interested in

*2022-23 Audition cycle*
Applied to 19 programs
Passed 11 out of 14 prescreens
Total number of scheduled auditions: 19
Final results: 6 BFA MT offers
5 BFA Acting offers
4 Waitlists (1 turned to a YES and 1 turned to a NO)
4 No’s

In summary, the best thing she did was not settle for what didn’t feel right and believe in herself. I am incredibly proud of how hard she worked to find the perfect place for her! The gap year was not easy emotionally and socially, but it was completely worth it and the best choice she could have made. Thank you, Leo, Charlie, and Ellen for creating this amazing, truly life-changing organization! We’re beyond blessed with your support and the support of all her amazing coaches. I wish you and your beautiful, talented children the absolute best”

Laura Marie Ali

Mother of Tom Nonnenmacher
Pace Acting '27

“MTCA! I/we could never thank you enough!! 2 years ago Tommy was playing football and had never thought of acting. We would have had NO/ZERO clue of what to do if it weren’t for all of you! I know you have a lot of students but you always made Tommy feel like you were his peeps and were always there for him. The number of schools he got admitted to was incredible and happened because of you. We can never thank you enough and hope to stay in touch. We will always be huge fans!”

Nina Ha

Mother of Ashley Ha
Boston Conservatory MT '27

“I am so grateful that our family had the knowledge and guidance of the MTCA directors, coaches, and staff to help us through the grueling yet exhilarating college audition process for musical theater. There are just so many things that most families don’t know going into MT auditions. My daughter Ashley learned so much from her coaches, from selecting songs that showcased her artistry to working on Shakespearean monologues with ease. Her dance coach even choreographed a routine for prescreens that felt like something Ashley would have designed for herself. I first heard about MTCA from the mom of a talented Broadway performer, and I’m so glad I listened. Leo Ash Evens and the amazing team of Coaches at MTCA have given us invaluable advice and support from start to finish. Ashley starts her training at Boston Conservatory this fall where she’ll be earning a BFA in musical theatre. My husband and I can’t recommend MTCA enough!”

Brayden Bambino

Michigan MT ‘27

“If you want to pursue Musical Theater or Acting in college, you must look into MTCA. They have been essential to my success and sanity this past year. I was so much more prepared than a lot of kids doing it on their own. MTCA opened a lot of doors for me and shared knowledge with me that I would’ve never known without them!”

Gabrielle Clissold

Mother of Simon Clissold
Rider University MT '26

“As a person trained in performing arts myself I believed I understood what it would take to successfully apply for a degree in Musical Theater. Between my own knowledge and personal contacts in the industry, I thought we would be fine on our own.

I was incorrect.

We gulped at the financial investment but people who love our son strongly recommended MTCA so we knew that this was the right thing to do. MTCA immediately matched him up with amazing working industry professionals. His main coach Leo is extraordinary, and the entire team at MTCA is the most supportive flotilla of loving people that help in so many countless ways. They know what they are doing. Headshots, monologues, song choices, wild cards, mock auditions, in person auditions-pivot to virtual, Unifieds, blizzards, Omicron…I am convinced that navigating this is actually incomprehensible without the help of MTCA.

Here is the end and the beginning of the story. He was courted and recruited. MTCA opened our eyes up to programs we never heard of. They made sure he did what was needed. They held our hands, talked us off cliffs edges. My son received TEN artistic offers with huge scholarships. I am confident they are much larger offers because of the work he did with MTCA. Use MTCA. They open doors you could have never imagined. I am so happy to say he made a great choice.”

Michael Reed

Penn State University MT 26'

“Words simply cannot express how grateful I am that you allowed me to be a part of your organization. Throughout the whole process all of my team has been the kindest, most supportive, artistically nurturing, and honest people. Because of my coaches and college advising team, I was able to accomplish something I’ve only dreamed of. Getting to this point seemed like it was going to take forever, but it was here in a flash. MTCA provided me coaching in all 3 disciplines and also college advising. These have been some of the kindest people I’ve ever met and they were all willing and excited to grow with me on this journey. I appreciate everything you have done for me, and I cannot wait to make you proud. Thank you for giving me a shot at my dreams!”

Mark Consuelos

Father of Joaquin Consuelos
Michigan Acting ‘25

“I cannot recommend MTCA enough for helping families through this crazy process. Charlie’s coaching was critical, and with his guidance, our son had over six monologues at his disposal that really showcased his range. Additionally, Amy’s advising was invaluable. She provided updates on the schools’ deadlines and ever-changing audition requirements in real time, and helped guide our son towards a comprehensive list of schools that were all a good fit. The application and audition processes for Drama/Acting programs were unlike any other college process our family had previously been through, and the mock audition weekend MTCA holds is the single most important thing students can do to understand what is expected of them. MTCA made sure our son was prepared every step of the way, and even when it all seemed so very daunting, Amy & Charlie were incredibly reassuring.”

Bill Jenkins


Chair of Theater and Dance, Ball State University

“Working with all of the wonderful students at MTCA is a reminder of the exceptional training that these students are getting. The staff at MTCA empowers these students to grow in so many important and invaluable ways. The work that is done is consistently specific, bold, smart, and grounded in honesty. Even more importantly to us at Ball State, all the students we encounter from MTCA are truly wonderful human beings. We are truly fortunate to regularly welcome these exceptional MTCA students to our campus each year.”

Alexia Pores

Juilliard Acting '22

“I can only express pure gratitude and love for my relationship with MTCA.  I found a community of mentors that never disappointed me, and who were always there to lend a helping hand that never, EVER, seemed artificial or obligated, and I was never hesitant to ask for help from any member of my team. I learned the value of community, and embraced the influence of a crowd of smiling professionals waiting to guide you to the next step. This next step at the Juilliard School doesn’t seem too scary anymore considering I know I will always have an entire army waiting to catch me when I fall, or if I just need a family to check in with. I love my new family, and cannot wait to share my next endeavors with the people who have gifted me the tools to experience them.”

Christian Brown

NYU Tisch Acting ‘25

“With every lesson, every mock audition, every interview, every debrief, every late-night call, all the emotions, all the tears, I had an endless amount of people I could and often did reach out too. My mentors and teachers kept up with my progress, kept me on schedule, helped me find motivation, and helped me take care of my mental health. Without MTCA, I would have quit the first moment I felt discouraged. Without their encouragement and help, I would not be pursuing my dreams. With this program, I was given a new chance, and I’m not going to miss up on this chance. I encourage you, or anyone you know who is interested in Musical Theater and would like to pursue Musical Theater for college, to join or get connected with MTCA now! You won’t regret it, mark my words.”

Edie Mitchell

Mother of Alex Mitchell
University of Minnesota Guthrie Acting '26

“Here’s the power of the MTCA community…son and I are down the street from Ripley, standing inside a near-by Dunkin Donuts looking out a window on 8th Ave. Alex sees a girl he knows from MTCA – he’s never met in person. He goes outside and she runs into his arms after he calls her name. She had two friends with her and they all hugged. Just a perfect ice-breaker/heart-warmer before audition #1 this weekend. Thank you Leo Ash Evens, Charlie Murphy, Amy Breslow & MTCA team!”

Jai Kim

Mother of Catherine Kim
University of Arizona MT ‘25

“If your child is considering majoring in Musical Theater….. Do Not Do This Alone!! MTCA has been our saving grace. The structure, coaching and guidance our daughter received was invaluable and ultimately what enabled us to have so many choices with differing schools and programs. Entering any University as an MT major requires so much more than the average college application. From pre-screens, auditions, call-backs, redirects and the multitude of questions parents and students have about making the right choices, MTCA is like having your own strategic planning team. They are the concierge of support parents can only dream of having. Their faculty of committed professional song, acting and dance coaches brought out the best in our daughter by challenging her continually through the coaching sessions. You don’t have to do this alone. The best thing we did for our daughter was contact Musical Theater College Auditions.”

Peter Klein

Michigan MT '19

“It’s hard to put into words how much MTCA has changed my life over the past year. With their help, I accomplished so much more than I ever could have imagined. They helped me choose original material that not only perfectly showcased my individuality and artistic potential, but more importantly, that I loved. Next year, I’ll be studying Musical Theatre at the University of Michigan with four other MTCA kids in my class, and I believe that number speaks for itself. I could not be more thankful for this remarkable company of teachers and mentors.”

Thom Miller


Acting Professor, Syracuse University

“I have loved working with MTCA. They do a stellar job preparing students for their upcoming auditions. The leadership is a group of top-notch professionals with clear expertise, impeccable organization, and insight. The students I worked with were talented, curious, enthusiastic, and extremely well prepared. I had a wonderful time coaching them, learning about them, giving audition advice, and answering questions about our program. Truly a highlight of my summer.”

Lauren Leibowitz

Rider MT '20

“If I didn’t have the guidance of MTCA saying ‘There are other schools. You should look into them.’, I would’ve been so lost.”

Sheila and Jonathan Smith

Parents of Ian and Emmet Smith
Ithaca MT ‘18 and Northwestern Theater ‘21

“Even as a household with 15 years of experience working on Broadway, we quite simply could not imagine going through the crazy, intense college audition season without the expert, reassuring guidance of MTCA! Their detailed knowledge of the MT programs and faculty combined with a realistic assessment of my son’s strengths helped us through the daunting task of building a balanced college list.  The fantastic coaches met our needs every step of the way, right when we needed it – the line-up of coaching, master classes, mock auditions and dance classes was like a road map to success. We are so happy with his results!”

Asha Houston

DePaul Acting '23

“MTCA was the biggest blessing I had throughout this process. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with top notch coaches and to meet the other amazingly talented students. This process was not easy at all, but knowing I had my coaches to turn to for anything I needed was extremely helpful. As soon as I met my coaches they knew who I was and what my strengths were and it gave me a great deal of confidence going into the college audition process. Not to mention, before the process started, MTCA helped me create a balanced list of schools with so many amazing schools I didn’t even have on my radar. Including the one I will be attending! Thank you thank you thank you!!”

Kenneth Noel Mitchell


Head of Musical Theatre, USC

“MTCA provides the highest quality of professional audition preparation. Beyond this, it is the overwhelming generosity each student experiences when working with the team of coaches that encourages them to be kind and courageous artists. It is this fundamental quality that gives the student the ability to sustain a long, healthy, and happy career.”

Jackie Evans

Mother of Sam Evans
Miami MT '22

“We are grateful to have found MTCA! It is a gift that keeps on giving, through lessons learned and friendships made! MTCA really sets the standard for creating a fully supportive community and providing an exceptional level of service and dedication to the needs of students and families alike. The coaches are all wonderfully talented and kind and have extensive knowledge of craft, repertoire, and college programs. In a most positive and effective way, MTCA helps students raise the level of their game, develop their skills, and feel prepared to successfully navigate this process!”

Ryan Colone

NYU Early Decision ‘25

“Working with the incredible community that is MTCA made a long and difficult process so much easier. My coaches pushed me each and every class to improve as an actor with personalized feedback and genuine enthusiasm. MTCA events like Mock Auditions and Masterclass Weekend gave me an opportunity to receive feedback from a variety of professional voices, including a professor from the very college I am now attending! I cannot imagine going through the college process without the support of the wonderful people at MTCA. Thank you for helping me grow into the actor and person I am today.”

Dan Callaway


Musical Theater Professor, Boston Conservatory

“If you want top notch preparation and training, partner with MTCA. They help you choose great material, craft the work thoughtfully, and coach with open hearts, joy, and respect. If you’re searching for the support and real talk you need to do satisfying and excellent work in the room, you’ve found your people.”

Brian Muellers

Father of Josh Muellers
NYU Steinhardt MT '24

“One of things I didn’t anticipate was his growth as an artist. The coaching he’s gotten is so different than any other teaching he’s had.”

Erica Malachowski

Pace University BFA MT’17 and CalArts MFA Acting ‘24

“MTCA has made such a positive impact on my life, I’m now a two-time alumnus! After guiding me as a seventeen-year-old into the BFA program of my dreams, when I decided to apply to MFA programs, I immediately called my MTCA family for support. Thanks to my wonderful coach, Allison Spratt Pearce, I will be attending one of the top Master’s Acting programs in the country (with a full ride to boot)! My relationship with MTCA has spanned nine years now and I can say with certainty that I would not be where I am today as a person or as an artist without them. I am so proud to call myself a life-long member of the MTCA family!”

Michelle Chassé


Head of Musical Theater Dance, Boston Conservatory

“I always LOVE working with MTCA students and staff! The students are so happy and excited to learn. It brings me the most joy when I meet and work with the students at MTCA and then become their teacher when they attend Boston Conservatory! You can’t go wrong attending this program.”

Jacob Canderozzi

Texas State MT ‘25

“Getting to work with MTCA was incredibly beneficial. I went into my audition season feeling well-prepared and excited! My favorite part of the year was getting to participate in Summer Masterclass Week where I got to work with faculty members from various programs across the country, including Kaitlin Hopkins, the head of Musical Theatre at Texas State University — the school I’ll be attending in the Fall! In Masterclass Week, I was able to get a feel for each professor’s teaching style, build a relationship with them, and get a feel for the school in general. MTCA was with me every step of the way through this process and I cannot recommend them enough!”

Kristine Zimmermann

Mother of Kimmi, Jessica and Nicole
Texas State MT ‘22, Fordham Acting ‘20, Rider MT ‘17

“Where do I begin to describe how much MTCA has meant to our family? When my first of three daughters said she wanted to pursue a BFA in musical theater, I was completely overwhelmed. One of the seniors at Westfield High School did his senior project on the musical theater audition process and said he used the services of a coaching group called MTCA. Well Hallelujah! We didn’t hesitate to call immediately. When daughters 2 and 3 decided to pursue an Acting BFA and an MT BFA, I was cool as a cucumber and called MTCA immediately. My daughters couldn’t be more different in the services they required but each was fully supported and utilized the combo of services that best suited their needs. All I can say is each daughter had multiple choices for schools and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome!”

Kevin Covert


Director of Musical Theater, Shenandoah Conservatory

“It is always a real pleasure to work with the students, teachers, and artists at MTCA. The prospective students are always wonderfully prepared, and their joy for the art shines through. MTCA cultivates a caring and professional environment alongside top-notch training. At Shenandoah, we always have great success with students that come from MTCA, and we look forward to working with MTCA every year!”

Anthony Littlepage-Buggs

UNCSA Acting '24

“In the last year I’ve grown so much as an artist and with the help of MTCA, I’ve been able to make my dreams more of a reality. Through coachings and mocks, I was more than prepared to take college auditions head on and I’m grateful that they were there every step of the way.”

Tom Dorris

Father of Jacob Dorris
Millikin Acting ‘24

“MTCA has been my go-to professor. Coming into this knowing nothing, it’s kind of been an all or nothing for me using MTCA.”

Michele Dunleavy


Dance Professor, Penn State University

“I absolutely love teaching the MTCA students! They are open-minded, curious, and game for anything. I know that whatever style of dance or movement I bring to the workshop the students will jump in with both feet. They are fearless! And kind. And professional. I just can’t say enough good things about my interactions with the entire MTCA crew over the years. They are the most amazing humans and the work they do on behalf of the students is truly exceptional.”

Jenna Barricklo

Shenandoah MT '21

“MTCA was the greatest resource I could have asked for during the college admission process. Not only were the coachings and mock auditions invaluable, but the community and bond that I formed with my coaches and other students made the audition process so much easier. The MTCA alumni network was also a very special part of my experience. At every school I visited I had someone I could get in touch with who was excited to talk with me! I felt so incredibly welcomed by every student I met. The MTCA family is ultimately why I feel I was so successful during this process. I knew I had people I could trust who were supporting me all the way.”

Barbara McKechnie

Mother of Colin McKechnie
Ithaca Acting '21

“One huge benefit of MTCA was the guidance from pre-application to being able to discuss how each of Colin’s school options would fit his goals. The cost was super reasonable compared to other programs as we were able to just do a la carte what Colin felt most important. MTCA works closely with your child and makes great efforts to match them with a coach that best fits their goals or style. The communication and professionalism were exceptional.”

Robin Lewis


Professor at Rider University

“Every aspiring young artist with MTCA not only has a mentor for navigating and preparing them for college auditions, but also support throughout their journey while in school and their careers. The team cares during and beyond the college audition process. From audition pre-screens to the final call back audition, the MTCA instructors will have students prepared and filled with confidence at their auditions and help guide them toward their dreams.”

Tina Reed

Mother of Emma Reed
Missouri State MT ‘25

“I cannot speak highly enough of the webinars leading up to the decision process or the MTCA dedicated walk-in audition days. I highly recommend them! Emma is now looking forward to being a Bear at Missouri State this Fall 2021 and we, as parents, feel comfortable sending her to a university that cares about her as a performer and a person. This is what we were all looking for and there is no way we would have found this fantastic program without that MTCA walk-in! That good fit that Leo speaks of is a REAL thing. Find it. It’s out there.”

Jackie Hipps

Mother of Jahir Hipps
Baldwin Wallace MT '21

“Jahir and I are extremely blessed and grateful to have been a part of the MTCA family this audition season. The training that my son received was invaluable. It is also wonderful to know that you all are a continued resource for Jahir. Thank you for all that you have done. Our victory is yours as well!!”

Robert Westenberg


Musical Theater Professor/Coordinator, Missouri State University

“Wanted to write and let you know how wonderful it was to work with you this past spring during the recruitment season. Your MTCA staff were accommodating, informed and a pleasure to work with. The students were prepared, professional and well-coached. Thank you for providing a format for this talented group of performers whom I never would have been able to see otherwise. It was a joy and looking forward to next year!”

MC Brennan

Mother of Clare Brennan
Minnesota Guthrie Acting '24

“We are so grateful to MTCA for all the love, support, education and encouragement. I don’t know how this amazing team was selected for Clare but we are so fortunate that they are in her life. As for the larger MTCA experience, the tangibles and intangibles that Clare (and I) got from masterclasses and mocks were invaluable. Clare gained enormous confidence and an increased comfort level during both experiences. During auditions, she regularly said, she couldn’t imagine what a mess she would have been without mocks.”

Ann Canfield, MS

Mother of Eric Canfield
UNCSA Acting ‘25

“Thank you for creating MTCA. You and your team have helped Eric meet his goal as he got accepted to UNCSA. As I reflect on all of the time and effort to get to this point – I am so appreciative to every cheerleader and mentor along his journey of 14 years of hard work. I emphasize cheerleader for you, Leo. I am sooo grateful to MTCA coaches for bringing out the best of Eric that brought him over the finish line. You have my testimony for a lifetime!! Especially the part to start coaching as a Junior!”

Kristen Harris

Mother of Rivers Harris
Syracuse MT ‘25

“Applying to MT programs is difficult enough, but doing it during a pandemic? What can I say, we could not have gone through this process without MTCA! They were there for us every step of the way to answer questions, offer encouragement and support (which you’re definitely going to need!), and to help strategize in order to make the best decision possible. And their coaches are absolutely the best! I saw so much growth with my daughter from the time she started prescreens until her acceptances. I’m so grateful that they were with us for this journey and have no doubt that my daughter ended up at the best place possible.”

Chris Casey

Mother of Dorey Casey
Pace IPE '22

“MTCA is so much more than the expert training, sage counsel, and caring support – they are a MENTORING COMMUNITY that continues beyond auditions and college decisions. With MTCA guidance, our daughter gained skills, confidence, and maturity during this very stressful and challenging year. And we are comforted to know that there’s more growth to come with their help as she navigates the next steps of an arduous journey and career in the arts. We are so grateful and privileged to be part of this passionate, knowledgeable, and encouraging family. There are not enough words to say THANK YOU and how much we LOVE YOU!!!”

Jennifer Harrison

Mother of Eve Harrison
Boston Conservatory MT ‘25

“Thank you so much for everything you’ve done, Leo. What MTCA provided to her could not have been replicated. Everyone was so supportive and professional, and approached her with love and respect. Can’t say enough about you all!!”

Angela Medina

Mother of Lauren Maria Medina
Carnegie Mellon MT '21

“I am trying to find the right words to thank you properly. Some people you meet and you feel, you realize, you just know, that their hearts are in the right place. That they truly care about what they do and the integrity in which they do it. I felt this from all of you. You all helped Lauren believe she could accomplish anything!”

Alan Cid

Boston Conservatory MT ‘25

“Being a part of MTCA has been an absolute joy. I have grown so much these past few months and gained so much confidence with MTCA. My coaches were absolutely perfect and matched my energy every step of the way. I’m proud to be an Alumni and a part of this family now! Last year, without MTCA, and with all my denials, it was a real low point in my life – especially with the thought that I could’ve done better. This year was completely different. I felt so prepared and excited for everything and I am incredibly grateful for MTCA. This company helped me achieve above and beyond, having received a full-tuition scholarship from BOCO. I could’ve never done all of this without MTCA. Again, forever thankful :).”

Ellen Brett

Mother of Adam Brett
Carnegie Mellon Acting '22

“Simply put: Thank you MTCA for all you have done to make Adam’s dream come true. Carnegie Mellon has been Adam’s golden ticket and with all of your help he has this amazing opportunity. MTCA has given Adam outstanding and meaningful direction, confidence, skills, advice, training, and a community of his peers to help him through this daunting process. Your team is successful because you all guide the students with kindness and humanity and lead by example. If you are considering consulting MTCA to help your child through the college audition process…run and begin as soon as possible.”