Junior Intensive

Juniors! MTCA invites you to get your college audition material on its feet with our MTCA Coaches and to participate in a Q&A Panels with College Faculty members!

Junior Intensive is designed to take your work to the next level! Not only are you working a song and a monologue on your feet now, but you’re doing it in combination, starting to string together your work the way you will eventually do in these audition rooms. You’ll get one-on-one exercises and feedback from MTCA Song and Monologue coaches, as well as starting to get feedback on how you present yourself in the room, how you talk to an accompanist, how you transition from piece-to-piece in your work, how you take feedback, etc…. You’ll also get an awesome MTCA Dance class and an informational meeting (parents this includes you!).

This weekend will conclude with a Q&A Panel with actual College Faculty members giving you insight into their specific programs and the process at large.

MTCA Class of 2025 Junior Intensive is now complete

Saturday, March 16th & Sunday, March 17th, 2024

In Person at Pearl Studios NYC


Online via Zoom


Musical Theater Track – $300.00

Acting Track – $250.00

At this jam-packed weekend, you’ll have the chance to:

  • Work 1 song and 1 monologue in an intimate, masterclass-style setting; limited to class sizes of 10 people online and 15 people in person
  • Receive feedback from expert MTCA coaches who are not on your primary coaching team
  • Participate in a dance call modeled after a college audition 
  • Get equipped with exercises and tools that bring your material to the next competitive level
  • Gain valuable insights from an Informational Parent Meeting hosted by MTCA’s Directors and a resident College Advisor 
  • Connect with MTCA graduates at the Alumni Panel
  • Speak to representatives for several Universities at the Q&A sessions. This is an invaluable opportunity to get answers to your questions directly from Universities.

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Junior Intensive

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where will Junior Intensive take place?

Our in person weekend activities will be at Pearl Studios in Midtown Manhattan. Our online weekend activities will be held on Zoom.

I haven’t yet participated in an MTCA event. Will the Junior Intensive help me?

Absolutely! That’s one of the great things about how we structure Junior Weekend. You can be at any point in your college audition preparation journey. Getting 1-on-1 feedback from an objective panel will be incredibly beneficial to your progress!

How much does the weekend cost to attend?

The entire weekend costs $300 for 2 days of acting, singing, and dancing masterclasses. Also included is an Informational Parent Meeting about what families can be doing right now to get ready for college auditions, an Alumni Q&A and a Q&A with College Representatives. For the Acting Track, the cost is $250 for acting classes, the Informational Parent Meeting, Alumni Q&A and a Q&A with College Representatives.

How can I be sure the training is personalized in a group setting?

Class sizes are limited to 10 participants online and 15 participants in person. Each and every student is allotted the same amount of time to work their pieces. Not only will you have ample time for coaching, but you’ll also get invaluable learning from watching your peers being coached too!